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Advertisements -A Trip To Liverpool…



I am in my second year at Nottingham Trent University now studying Fashion Marketing and Branding. Having just been set an assignment brief of a 3 year marketing strategy plan and 1 year communication plan of incorporating a maternity range into which they currently do not have, I went on a trip to Liverpool to visit their head offices and have a tour around their studios and these studios were one of the biggest in Europe!

While researching, I didn’t even realise how much they actually sell, they literally sell everything! From clothing to the top branded beauty products to the latest iPad…

Everything is done in house, so we started off at the studios which were really cool and interesting to see with all the props being used and seeing how they were all placed and designed on the set was really clever! We saw a shoot of one of the sofas that are going to be sold on their website with the cushions being pumped and light shining through the ‘fake door’ to get better lighting for the images.


Studio A was where all the small products like the accessories were being taken. Once these images have been taken, they have to be colour corrected to make sure they look the same online as they do in person.


The ‘pink cube’ that everyone recognises as ‘Very’ were all over one of the studios as they were playing around and designing the latest advertisement for TV.



We then drove 5 minutes down the road to enter the Very head offices. As soon as I walked in, I instantly knew it was ‘Very’ with all the pinkness around and the posters hanging up near the entrance. The posters had images of their celebrity endorsements including Rochelle Humes and the X Factor contestants wearing their products.

This was a really insightful day and fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes.


Birthday Brunch…

As I left the ‘teens’ and turned 20, thought I would have a few girl friends round to celebrate.

I had a birthday brunch at my house and thought I would mainly go for the healthy options with a few special treats for the guests.

I laid the table with different colour plastic milk bottles with one at every place to making it look colourful and fun!
With cereal, bagels, Nutella pots, fruit bowls, homemade tea cups filled with millions and m&m’s, chocolate covered strawberries in fish and chip cones, white marshmallows covered with sprinkles, Gronola and yoghurt pots and a variety of drinks were served.
We all tucked in and enjoyed a nice brunch where we were all very full after!

Oat and Raison Cashew Cookies

This wasn’t all that I made…

After another visit to LiviasKitchen, I decided flapjacks were not enough and decided to make oat and raison cashew cookies.

The ingredients included:

  • 150g Rolled oats
  • 100g Jumbo oats
  • 135g Cashew butter
  • 80ml Maple syrup
  • 125g Raisins

As I didn’t have any cashew butter, I used almond butter instead.





These were delicious and will definitely be making them again as I cannot stop eating them!

Will certainly be revisiting the website for more recipes.

Peanut Butter and Raspberry Flapjacks

After a hard day of uni work, I decided to cook some healthy sugar-free biscuits from LiviasKitchen. As I am into all healthy eating, this is a nice treat and a great alternative to a processed biscuits with a nice cup of tea!

The ingredients I used were:

  • 275g Jumbo Oats
  • 80g Melteed Coconut oil
  • 160g peanut butter
  • 50ml maple syrup
  • 85g honey
  • 50g raspberries
  • Pinch Salt


So easy to make, mixed all the ingredients in a bowl and put them in the oven.


After 20 minutes, the smell in the kitchen was divine!


Thank you LiviasKitchen for my lovely flapjacks!

Mademoiselle Privé

I visited the Mademoiselle Privé Chanel Exhibiton yesterday at the famous Saatchi Gallery.

The exhibition was laid out in many different rooms over the 3 floors of the gallery each having its own theme from the designer herself and Karl Lagerfeld which gives viewers an experience inside the creations and personality of the brand as well as themselves.

The first room was the start of Gabrielle Chanel’s career as she started off creating hats and the room was laid out and designed as her first shop. With holograms across the dressing table made you feel like you were watching someone trying on one of the Chanel style hats!


As I walked through the exhibition, the next room had a lit up door of ’18 Place Vendôme’ which is the House of Chanel where their jewellery collections are which led to viewing a piece from  “Bijoux de Diamants” collections.



The Sensory room had many interesting sculptured designs which led to the ‘Jardin a la Francaise’ and the ‘Interlocking C’ became the brands signature look.


The Haute Couture room was filled with many fabulous designed dresses by Mademoiselle Chanel and images of celebrities wearing the brands jewellery that was captured by Karl Lagerfeld.


My favourite room was Chanel N°5.with the perfumes in big bottles and designed with framed images which were really pretty!



This room was filled with vats which opened and showed liquid that the perfumes are made with which was really cool!


Also there was a short film that caught my attention with Karl Lagerfeld being met by the ghost of Gabrielle Chanel wanting to find out what happened to her designs.


I thought this exhibition was really exciting and thought-provoking to see how the brand started out to where it is now with the different designs. We even got a poster on the way out of a sketch by Mademoiselle Chanel!



I went to see the McQueen play at the Royal Haymarket Theatre in Piccadilly Circus.

After recently going to see the amazing Alexander McQueen, ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the V&A which I thought was set out fantastically with all his designs and quotes on the walls it made me want to go and find out more about his life as a fashion designer.

McQueen was a dark play which followed one night of his life with an American girl, Dahlia. She has been watching him for days from the ‘tree’ and then  breaks into his home looking for a dress not knowing he’s there. They then go on a journey together across London while he is thinking of his next collection for the runway and reflecting on his life.  They stop off at a tailor on Old Burlington Street where  he designs her a dress and we see how McQueen thinks and comes up with his designs very quickly and shows the meaning and passion behind his thought process. We then see them in a church where Dahlia tries to commit suicide but is saved by McQueen and he helps her by making her feel alive. Then they move onto a Stratford tower block where he is thinking of suicide but is broken by the appearance of a Peregrine Falcon.

Throughout the play, we see Isabella Blow who is played by Tracey-Ann Oberman. She made McQueen who he is today giving him advice even though he treated her so badly but his reactions show  how bad he felt about this.

The play had nine dancers and they linked each scene with visual imagery of what was happening. The play ended back at the basement where McQueen has an idea for his next collection.

I would recommend this play to people as we got to see an insight into his work and life as Lee/Alexander McQueen.