Mademoiselle Privé

I visited the Mademoiselle Privé Chanel Exhibiton yesterday at the famous Saatchi Gallery.

The exhibition was laid out in many different rooms over the 3 floors of the gallery each having its own theme from the designer herself and Karl Lagerfeld which gives viewers an experience inside the creations and personality of the brand as well as themselves.

The first room was the start of Gabrielle Chanel’s career as she started off creating hats and the room was laid out and designed as her first shop. With holograms across the dressing table made you feel like you were watching someone trying on one of the Chanel style hats!


As I walked through the exhibition, the next room had a lit up door of ’18 Place Vendôme’ which is the House of Chanel where their jewellery collections are which led to viewing a piece from  “Bijoux de Diamants” collections.



The Sensory room had many interesting sculptured designs which led to the ‘Jardin a la Francaise’ and the ‘Interlocking C’ became the brands signature look.


The Haute Couture room was filled with many fabulous designed dresses by Mademoiselle Chanel and images of celebrities wearing the brands jewellery that was captured by Karl Lagerfeld.


My favourite room was Chanel N°5.with the perfumes in big bottles and designed with framed images which were really pretty!



This room was filled with vats which opened and showed liquid that the perfumes are made with which was really cool!


Also there was a short film that caught my attention with Karl Lagerfeld being met by the ghost of Gabrielle Chanel wanting to find out what happened to her designs.


I thought this exhibition was really exciting and thought-provoking to see how the brand started out to where it is now with the different designs. We even got a poster on the way out of a sketch by Mademoiselle Chanel!


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