-A Trip To Liverpool…



I am in my second year at Nottingham Trent University now studying Fashion Marketing and Branding. Having just been set an assignment brief of a 3 year marketing strategy plan and 1 year communication plan of incorporating a maternity range into which they currently do not have, I went on a trip to Liverpool to visit their head offices and have a tour around their studios and these studios were one of the biggest in Europe!

While researching, I didn’t even realise how much they actually sell, they literally sell everything! From clothing to the top branded beauty products to the latest iPad…

Everything is done in house, so we started off at the studios which were really cool and interesting to see with all the props being used and seeing how they were all placed and designed on the set was really clever! We saw a shoot of one of the sofas that are going to be sold on their website with the cushions being pumped and light shining through the ‘fake door’ to get better lighting for the images.


Studio A was where all the small products like the accessories were being taken. Once these images have been taken, they have to be colour corrected to make sure they look the same online as they do in person.


The ‘pink cube’ that everyone recognises as ‘Very’ were all over one of the studios as they were playing around and designing the latest advertisement for TV.



We then drove 5 minutes down the road to enter the Very head offices. As soon as I walked in, I instantly knew it was ‘Very’ with all the pinkness around and the posters hanging up near the entrance. The posters had images of their celebrity endorsements including Rochelle Humes and the X Factor contestants wearing their products.

This was a really insightful day and fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes.



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